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Amazing Species

IUCN Red List ‘Amazing Species’ aims to raise awareness of the incredible variety of life on Earth and raise the profile of threatened species.


Carribbean Weather
Caribbean Weather


Our Concerns

Increased concerns for alleviating poverty and natural resources degradation both locally and internationally have led to some rethinking of how these could best be addressed. Helping communities to adopt sustainable livelihoods offers a pragmatic approach. Communities can achieve sustainable livelihoods if their capacity is developed to meet their physical and social needs, while not significantly degrading the quantity or quality of natural resources on which they or others depend.

Desired livelihood outcomes will likely include: increased human capital (skills, knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, labour ability and good health), better social capital (relationships of trust and reciprocity, groups, and networks), improved physical capital (basic infrastructure), more financial capital, improved natural capital (forests, water, land, fish, energy resources and minerals), reduced vulnerability and improved food security.


The market for our services

Caribbean communities have utilized and continue to depend on wetland, coral reef and forest goods and services. Despite management interventions, much of these resources have not been used sustainably.

There is still a large discrepancy between commitments and action among government departments and NGOs; in part, due to severe cutbacks in funding to public agencies, and a lack of, or inadequate capacity to mobilise resources and to implement targeted strategies.

Hence, the Trust's approach will be to provide technical assistance and help build capability within these organisations and targeted communities for efficient and effective natural resources management, and improved livelihood outcomes.


Protected Areas Management in the Caribbean: Core Themes for Education, Awareness, and Communication Programmes


What do we offer ?

To address the causes of natural resources degradation in the Caribbean we shall promote sustainable management in the context of improved livelihoods for our communities, through engagement of key stakeholders. We shall develop policy, programmes and projects that build human capacity to better manage the resources on which their livelihoods depend.

Over the next 5 years our efforts will focus on :

  1. Training
  2. Awareness Building
  3. Wise Use of Natural Resources
  4. Environmental Governance
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